What are the advantages of Zerodha trading?

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Save 100 ₹ by Step by Step guide for opening Zerodha account within 1 Hour:

Step by Step guide for filing an IPO with Zerodha

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I will not say that it will make you a billionaire but other platforms can’t …

Thing is Zerodha is Unique , Reason Being :

  1. Offers Lowest brokerage charges than other discount brokers ( Though with emerging companies, 1–2 might have come up with similar plans , not sure about that ) see yourself Zerodha Brokerage Calculator
  2. Believes in Large customer base and smaller chunks of profit, which benefits customers and Zerodha.
  3. Take a look at Zerodha Products Here :

Kite web : Web trading platform simple to use , I was able to learn it in 1–2 days, best part is You can get various tutorials on each and every problem you think of from youtube or you can directly contact Zerodha Support.

Pi: It is downloadable software for trading just like KITE web, but pesonally, I get used to Kite web as it is super easy and hell lot easy to use. Also, I can keep an eye on news websites of my choice. Though you can have updates on Pi too.

Kite mobile : This Android / Ios application helps you trade in Equities / Commodites from your Smartphone.

Q dashboard : Will help you know your Profit and losses on your investment in graphical manner, isn’t it interesting ?

Coin : lets you buy mutual funds online, completely commission-free, directly from asset management companies.

smallcase :

<img ” src=”https://qph.ec.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-f74e724f2f5c146f52b10484f2469af9″ style=”display:none”/>

India’s first thematic investment platform. It lets users invest in intelligently weighted baskets of stocks with a single click. For example: with just 100 ₹ , you can get best selected stocks package based on some theme..Let us say if there is a news: Good monsoon expected in India, then smallcase will release some package with stocks that will give you healthy return, on good monsoon.

Similary for gst package etc.

Balance :

<img ” src=”https://qph.ec.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-7119d4caf98109b399dad10c6fa5cb95″ style=”display:none”/>

Clever mobile app, that will track your spending and offers you an idea to invest and save money via mutual funds, obviously with your permission.

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Step by Step guide for opening Zerodha account within 1 Hour:

Step by Step guide for filing an IPO with Zerodha

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