Easy Payment method for Indians for Scinatics.com Payment

Indians that Don’t have any International Cards, will not be able to make payment via Paypal on Scinatics.com

I can Understand That.


You can Directly pay the respective amount in Indian currency as per formula (1 USD = 64 Rupees ).

Send  the amount in Indian Currency to the given details and your account will get activated within 24 Hours.


Bank Name : State Bank Of India

Account Number: 35110236078

BRANCH Code: 6291

Location : ADB Machhiwara

Note: in IFSC all are Zeros

You can always contact me From here and Notify me: [email protected]

  1. Complete Name on which you want your Certification
  2. The amount
  3. Date
  4. Your email-ID
  5. Name of the Course ( SAS course , Camtasia Course  etc. )

Note: As soon as you transfer / pay the money, Please do let me know via email at [email protected]

with subject of email as “SAS Course Payment” or “Camtasia Course Payment” . So, that I can activate your access.




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