Easy way to make money

First of all , It is a nice question and by a anxious person to make a big empire.

Well , Trading and Investing are the best means of making big money, But even a single mistake or freebies can affect your wealth.

First of all choose Right trading platform ( Recommended Zerodha)


  1. Easy Platform
  2. Education material and videos available
  3. High end software products
  4. Trusted by professionals
  5. Ranked India’s number one Discount broker

Why Only Trading ?

At first just go with the IPO that makes in to news for High Returns within 10 day period ?

Well All IPO’s will not fetch you same results, but yes…if subscription is more than 50x times you can expect positive returns.

  1. Signup and open a Zerodha trading and demat account online and start investing
  2. How to open demat account with zerodha Instantly?
  3. How to file an IPO with Zerodha from my Bank account
  4. Stock Trading Articles

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