How to Invest in a foreign stock from India

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Since markets have crashed in March 2020, I have started getting many questions, and on e of them being :

How can an Indian invest in foreign stock market ?

Hello Good Morning!

Yes , Indian citizen can invest in foreign stock like US stock Exchange? but how.

Is it possible to buy stocks like Google, Facebook and Apple using our Indian Demat and Trading account ? “Yes”.

NFO : New Fund Offer Motilal Oswal S&P Index Fund Direct Plan Growth .

What is the S&P 500 Index :

  • The S&P 500 Index includes 500 leading companies that are diversified across all 11 sectors. The index covers approximately 82% of available market capitalization that are listed on US Stock Exchanges.
  • The Index is regarded as the best single gauge of large cap US equities . There is over USD 9.9 trillion indexes or bechmarked to the index,with indexed assets comprising approximately USD 3.4 trillion of this total making at the largest and most widely traded index in the world.

This S&P 500 Index Included Companies Like :

  • Google
  • Facebook Inc,
  • Amazon Inc,
  • Apple Inc,
  • Microsoft Companies,
  • Twitter Inc,
  • Motorola Solutions Inc,
  • Invesco Ltd,
  • Mood’s Corporation,
  • Morgan Stanley,
  • Qualcomm Inc,
  • Wells Fargo,
  • McDonalds Corporation,
  • Netflix Inc,
  • Pfizer Inc,
  • Coco Cola,
  • Pepisco Inc,
  • Walmart Inc

Note :

  1. Top 5 companies make up 18% of the S&P 500
    1. Microsoft
    2. Apple
    3. Google
    4. Amazon and
    5. Facebook
  2. All have collectively added $4.4 trillion in market cap gains since 2013 and are now the 5 largest stocks in the S&P 500.

Can i apply for an NFO (New Fund Offer) through Zerodha COIN:

An AMC (Asset Management Company, like ICICI, HDFC, Reliance Mutual etc) opens a new fund offer (NFO) when it is launching a new mutual fund . Through the NFO the fund house aims to raise money to purchase the underlying securities of the fund it is launching.

Why isn’t the NFO option available on the Coin app?

NFO order placement will be available in the upcoming updates to the Coin app. For now, you can open web page in your mobile browser and place orders. The page is responsive and works perfectly.

Can I modify the amount?

Yes, you can modify the amount from the order window on the NFO page.

Can I Start a SIP while applying for an NFO?

No, but you can start a SIP once the units are allotted to you and post the scheme is open for further purchase and redemption.

Where can I track the status of my NFO order?

The order status will be shown on the NFO page itself.


  • NFO statuses will not be shown under the order history on Coin web or mobile app until allotment.

How long is an NFO period open?

Generally, an NFO period is open for 15 days but this is left to the discretion of the fund house.

What is the minimum purchase in an NFO?

This is decided by the AMC(Asset Management Company).

When will the funds be deducted for my order?

We collect orders throughout the NFO period and upload the orders on the final day of the NFO period. You need to maintain sufficient funds in your account as of the last day of the NFO.

When will the units be allotted?

The units will be allotted within 10 days of the closure of the NFO date. You will receive a confirmation email regarding the allotment from our end.

At what price will the allotment happen?

All NFO units are usually allotted at Rs 10 unless specified otherwise.

When can I buy the units if I miss applying for the NFO?

You can buy and sell the units just like other funds once the fund open for continuous purchase. Funds will usually be available for continuous purchase within a week of the NFO closing.

Will the funds from the sale of stocks or closing of F&O positions be considered?

Make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account as of the end of the day to ensure that your order is placed successfully. Proceeds from the sale of stocks, mutual funds or from F&O positions closed on the same day will not be considered.

The New Fund Offer (NFO) the scheme will open on April 15 and close on April 23 .

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