Should I invest in Equity or Mutual funds ?

Yes, Provided the positive waves are with you can even earn 40 % yearly return.

Mutual Fund is no different than Stocks / Equities / commodities trading.

Then People still asks why Mutual funds generate positive results 99 % of the times. The fact is they are taken care by exceptionally qualified traders or investors hired by big companies like RELIANCE , ICICI, HDFC etc.

They usually generate more positive returns then your FD kept in Banks. Your return can even go 40 % on yearly basis in exceptional cases, provided market allows.


The question comes to mind, Whether to with Mutual funds or with Share (equity) trading ?

It is proven fact, that High quality stocks can bring you whopping return within 2–3 years they can multiply your investment even 9–10 times.

But, on the other side bad decision can make that same investment 95 % down.

So, It is recommended that if you cannot afford reliable advisor or you cannot devote yourself 2–3 hours daily on learning trading and business news etc. Then Mutual Funds are the best Options for Investment.

Now, another question gets raised from where to buy Mutual funds ? Should I directly buy from Distributing House or from Zerodha ? Then, my answer is go with Zerodha,

Here is the article for the same, why zerodha coin Mutual FUnd investment can save you money.

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