Is it safe to buy stocks during coronavirus?

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Well in my 13 years of experience (Official account), what I have realised is that

  • FEAR

are the two things that plays an important role for stocks market to make Crest and Troughs

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I still remember the day when I forced my parents to invest, 1 lakh rupees while i was 8th or 9th standard to invest in stocks market, at that time in 2007-08 Market was at its peak, and all due to greed that many peopl are making money in stocks, we too invested money in some stocks by asking some random , so called experts relatives or friends (as we generally do). Result was drastic, we lost 80 % of wealth in no time, and since mode was offline and my father is not interested in stocks and so on, so he avoided that , and I too don’t dared to ask again.

So I kept quiet and started concentrating on my studies, back in 2018 when I learned som technical skills and was finding market to making daily highs all due to Fake media reports that never saw bad ranking of India on news, it just praise and praise. So I went to Ludhiana Stock Exchange, as our broker (offline), was no more in that business, so I went there and got papers signed by my parents and sold all the stocks that we had bought back in 2008.

Interestingly by God’s grace 2 stocks TVS and one more saved our money, rest stocks were dipped 99 % low.