Best lipstick power banks

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Best lipstick power banks

Are you looking for the best lipstick Charger Power bank this year ?

Which is the best small power bank charger?

Now a days due to availability of charging port and bulkier size of power banks have stopped people from carrying extra backup. you would be happy to know that there are new slim , trim lipstick size highly powered power banks to take care of charging of your smart devices like smartphones, earphones etc. These are known as “Lipstick power banks ” due to their size and shape.

Features of Lipstick Power Bank

  • Wide compatibility with a range of Smartphones including iPhone X / 8s/7s / iPad, Samsung 8s/9s, and many others
  • Powerful charge capacity ranging from 2500mAh to 5000mAh
  • Comes with a Micro USB cable to charge almost all devices
  • portability and ease of usability
  • Superior quality and small pocket friendly size
  • Available in catchy colors similar to lipsticks

Uses of Lipstick Power Banks

  • funky colors and powerful performance for everyday usage.
  • Perfect gift for the ladies.
  • Glamorous looking portable charger to charge all latest Smartphone including iPhone .

Why are the Lipstick Power Banks so Popular?

There are various reasons for the popularity of these lipstick-sized power banks, some of which are discussed below-

  • Incredibly compact design which makes it easier to use and carry
  • The Ultra compact size fits perfectly in the hand and pocket
  • Reliable battery capacity.

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