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Since, you have come to this page.. That means you are already aware of why we and others prefer Zerodha over other Discount brokers, main reason being Brokerage charges. A part from that Zerodha Does not involve in misleading Charges, its charging rates are straight forward whether customer like it or not. But, Customers don’t feel cheated, that is the most important thing that i have found on Zerodha.

Anyone (Including Students) can open Demat and trading account with zerodha , even students can, all needed is:

  • PAN card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Minimum 300 ₹ – 500 ₹

Are you new to Stock Market ?

If Yes, then Don’t worry I too was new to it Once upon  a time.

Are you looking for best and cheap discount broker?

If Yes, then Don’t worry , your search is over..with Zerodha, and here I will guide you step by step how to open a Demat account with zerodha.

 Let us see Step by step how to open a Demat account with zerodha: 

First of all It takes around 15 minutes – 1 Hour for open a Demat account with Zerodha. But, with that you will only be able to Buy the stocks and will not be able to sell them.

So, In order to have completely functioning Demat account, you need to send 2 pages POA (Power of Attorney) that you will receive via email from zerodha to Office, after signing it.

Thus, you can expect your Zerodha demat account completely functionable, as soon as your some documents (Power of Attorney) reaches their Office.

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Now, let us see how to open Zerodha account here step by step :

  1. First of all go to ZERODHA website, and then click on Open an Account Tab.How to open a zerodha account step by step guide
  2. After doing so, you need to fill up your Details like Name, Mobile number and email id for opening a new zerodha account.2How to open a zerodha account step by step guide2
  3. Then, Choose your Best Secret password possibly with combination of Capital alphabets, Small alphabets, Numeric number and Special character. Please do take a note of your password on some paper, so that you don’t confuse yourself at this very first stage. After completion of all steps and memorizing the password, you can tear and throw away the paper.3How to open a zerodha account step by step guide3
  4. Now after, That You need to Fill up your PAN details and Date of Birth, You need to check mark the box, for confirming PAN details.4How to open a zerodha account step by step guide
  5. Then in Step 1, you will be asked to opt your Trading choices, If you are new to stock market you can simply choose Equity and Currency option (300 ₹ )  as I have done so. But, if you want to trade commodities as well then select that option too.5How to open a zerodha account step by step guide
  6. Then, you will asked to pay the amount for opening a Trading account with Zerodha. Pay the amount from your preferred payment method.
    6How to open a zerodha account step by step guide
  7. After you have paid your money, you will be taken to step 2, as you can see here. In step 2 of  Zerodha, You can choose among the two options verifying yourself with Aadhar number or sending complete details offline.7How to open a zerodha account step by step guide
  8. I prefer Aadhar number, Since you need not to fill any unnecessary details yourself, and your account Demat account gets activated instantly, if you choose Aadhar Activation.8How to open a zerodha account step by step guide
  9. In aadhar activation, you need to fill up your aadhar number, then OTP will be received on your registered mobile aadhar number, and you need to verify that. And its done.
  10. After that, you will receive email from zerodha employee, that will contain 1-2 page Power of attorney, that you need to send to Zerodha office by speed post / courier service.
  11. Don’t worry, zerodha employee will provide his /her mobile number and will even contact you on mobile, for instructing you to sign at proper location on power of attorney before sending to them.
  12. After, It reaches the zerdoha office, then you will be able to sell the stocks / commodities as well.
  13. There after you can always trade via Zerodha kite or Zerodha Pi and even enjoy other services as Zerodha stock screening and Zerodha Smart money saving Balance App.

I hope you like the above article, if any issues or questions, you can always comment below.



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