Simple Trick to Loose Weight

Three simple steps will help you lose your weight:

wake up in morning :

-Get some warm Drinking Water atleast 2–3 Glasses

-Get half – full Lemon

-Get 1 teaspoon of Honey

Mix them well, sit on the floor as shown.

Then start drinking water sip by sip, make sure SIP by SIP, it will take time to consume even 1 glass.

Similary, whenever at day time you drink any liquid , drink sip by sip, better if you can sit down as shown.

Reduce your intake of Food, what ever you are eating reduce it by 10 – 40 %.

If you can Run in evening and morning then you will able to loose within 1–2 months.


At night have half – teaspoon of triphala churna with some hot milk.

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