Complete Base SAS programming from Scratch

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  • You should have Internet
  • You Should have an Interest and Passion to learn and follow
  • No Prior Programming / Technical / Statistical Knowledge required
  • Be Ready to Learn and Apply


## Bonus lecture Guide for Joining for FREE official SAS community to interact with people worldwide

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What I Expect from Students ( This course might seems Short, but none of the courses will teach you the basics and error handling as this course do) :

Warning : Course might be boring for first few sections, as we deal with Basic building block (Base SAS Theoretical concept), after that You will be learning tips and tricks and will be applying the same.

Please if you don’t have patience don’t opt this course, as first 4 sections are really boring as they deal with theory and concepts.

– I will be adding bonus Lecture soon..of how to become part of SAS community and interact with SAS People all over the world and will be sharing few social groups that you can join for Jobs and Doubts.

# Topics / Syllabus To be Covered in this course step by step:

Accessing Data:

– Use FORMATTED and LIST input to read raw data files.
– Use INFILE statement options to control processing when reading raw data files.
– Use various components of an INPUT statement to process raw data files including column and line pointer controls.
– Create temporary and permanent SAS data sets.

Creating Data Structures:

– Create and manipulate SAS date values.
– Export data to create standard and comma-delimited raw data files.
– Control which observations and variables in a SAS data set are processed and output.
– Investigate SAS data libraries using base SAS utility procedures.
– Sort observations in a SAS data set.
– Conditionally execute SAS statements.
– Use assignment statements in the DATA step.

Managing Data:

– Accumulate sub-totals and totals using DATA step statements.
– Use SAS functions to manipulate numeric data, and SAS date values.
– Use SAS functions to convert character data to numeric and vice versa.
– Process data using DO LOOPS.

Generating Reports:

– Generate list reports using the PRINT procedure.
– Generate summary reports and frequency tables using base SAS procedures.
– Enhance reports through the use of user-defined formats, titles, footnotes and SAS System reporting.

Handling Errors:

– Identify and resolve programming logic errors.
– Recognize and correct syntax errors.
– Examine and resolve data errors.

Note:1) Students might be asked to provide an email by SAS website , for downloading FREE SAS University Edition software for their use.(That is Download SAS free of cost)

2) Same applies to SAS community or Base SAS community.

3) Practice exercises attached to dropbox via Orangedox. In case of any issue please let me know.

Complete Base SAS programming for Non Techies : Only Passion to succeed Needed

This SAS course is specifically designed by keeping in mind Fresh graduates be it from Engineering field or Non Engineering Field. 

Q: Is it necessary to have programming Background ?

Answer: No, Anyone can join and learn SAS programming be it a Non- Programmer , Fresh graduates from non Engineering / Engineering Background, even Professionals looking for a Job change.

Q: Will it help me in securing Job?

Answer : Yes, It will . Provided You practice each step taught in the course, You will definitely be Impress the interviewer and crack exam their SAS exam too.

Q: Will it help me in Official BASE SAS exam?

Answer: Yes Definitely, we will be moving forward step by step on SAS syllabus guidelines.

Q: I am from Clinical field should I join it ?

Answer: Why Not ? Every SAS programmer must be proficient in Base SAS programming, then only he/ she can move forward. Moreover here we will work with clinical examples too.

Q: Do I need some extra books to follow ?

Answer: No, not at all.. But following SAS documentation is recommended…As it is official. But, I suggest you to avoid it, as it will confuse you at this stage.

Note: All Sectional Quizzes and more videos will be added soon, so stay Tuned, Your positive review  encourages me to add more content. So please do review the course properly , so that new enrolling students can make fast decision and I can add more content.

– Course is created by one of our best professionals any queries are welcome.

Who this course is for:

  • Base SAS Aspirants
  • College Students
  • Data analysts
  • Professionals
  • Even Non techies , who are willing to learn SAS programming
  • Clinical Students
  • Students from Medical / Biomedical / Statistics field

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