How to Verify GSTIN number and avoid Scam

No Doubt, Indian Government have taken a Hard step to eliminate corruption and make things easy as far as billing is concerned. But we Indians are more smarter than government. We some how find Jugaad ( or loophole ) to make money from every new step / announcement made my our honourable prime minister Modi.

Few are the Incidents:

  1. Demonetization : We the sole Indian citizen, used or labour force to make Black into White money from different banks, without breaking the 2000 ₹ / day / person Law.
  2. GST (Goods and Service Tax) : This tax was implemented by keeping in mind that prices will come down. But few shopkeepers , especially resturants charges GST (CGST and SGST) with some fake GSTIN number and take around 12-18% in their pocket. Without even sharing it with government. I bet, they will be hiding Income as well.

Now let us see how to detect, Whether the GST Bill is original or Not ?

In order to verify the GST bill, you need to verify GSTIN number. Let use see and verify GSTIN number here.

This Pic was uploaded on some forum discussion. Let us see the steps for GST number verification:

  1. GO to Official Indian Gov GST website Here 
  2. Here, you will find some details as follow:Official Gst website3. Then Fill up then GSTIN number shown in your Billing.4. And click on Search.

As here you will notice the details of the GSTIN holder. If you get this, then GSTIN number is Real else, Complaint to government official for the Fraud being done with the Honest Indian citizens.

Let me give you some extra information from the Photo take from


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