What attracts first-time investors towards Zerodha better than its competitors

Though Zerodha (2010) was the first Discount broker that had come up with lowest brokerage charges and completely dismantled the ways stock traders use to trade with regular demat and trading account with banks that charged high brokerage.

But in 2020, It is quite different as new Players ( Upstox, Fyers, Prostocks) have emerged and have started “similar” services at same price and that too without any account opening charges and Annual Maintenance fees.

In year 2015, Even I had opened an account with “Prostocks” as I had though word Zerodha is just a hype and scam advertisement, So I opened a free account with Prostocks. My experience was not good at all, so I decided to open Zerodha account ( obviously with account opening charges) , and realised its Trading platform is far better than Prostocks.

Though in year 2017, I had faced a technical glitch but it have not affected me at all. It might be due to small trades that I used to do at that time.

Slowly and steadily Zerodha updated its platform and I have updated my knowledge for Bigger trades.

In 2019 again I started seeing many negative social media blog posts on internet , so I decided to try new platforms….( I will not name them, but they are free), while having Zerodha account with me.

Mine experience was horrible, Though platfor promised to be glitch free, it hanged several time and that too in just 1 or 2 trades of just 1 lakhs. Also It was not as easy to use as Zerodha.

So, I too recommend to not go behind FREE platforms or social media posts…Just TRY it yourself. As I did. Although you might think i wasted around 1000 ₹ for testing different platforms, but I think I have saved money and time .

Also, Now a days things are not about brokerage, It have resulted in competition based on technological products .

Zerodha is offering many of them, that no other broker is providing ( including stocks lesson)

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