Why Zerodha is the number one discount stocks broker in India ?

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What makes Zerodha the number one discount stocks broker in India for the past 5 years?

Zerodha is the first discount broker in India, founded in 2010. As of now Zerodha remains No.1 broker in India from last 5 years , with 2.3+ million clients..

Top brokers with active clients 2020

  1. Zerodha (1,414,379)
  2. ICICI Direct (1,075956)
  3. HDFC Securities (720,150)
  4. Upstox (619,305) [Gaining its Rank ]
  5. Angel Broking (576,414)

Zerodha is the number one discount broker because of the following reasons:

There are several reason for Zerodha to be number one, few are listed here

  • Zerodha offers online flat fee discount brokerage services to invest and trade in
    • Equity,
    • Currency,
    • Commodity,
    • IPO, and
    • Direct Mutual Funds.

Brokerage Charges of Zerodha

  • Zerodha charge ₹0 brokerage for equity delivery trades.
  • For intraday and F&O, Zerodha charges flat ₹20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per executed order.
  • With Zerodha, the maximum brokerage you pay for any transaction is ₹20 for an order (of any size and in any segment).
  • Zerodha is the first broker in India to offer a Direct Mutual Fund investment facility to its customers for free without any commission whatsoever. The scheme is offered by their online platform called “COIN” (Coin by Zerodha”).
  • One can invest in direct mutual fund schemes that give you better returns compared to regular mutual fund schemes and even use SIP and save Tax as well by investing in ELSS.

Opening Procedure of Demat and Trading account with Zerodha

  • You can instantly open account with them with your Aadhar card. The benefits of a 3-in-1 account are offered in tie-up with IDFC First bank in the form of the Zerodha-IDFC FIRST Bank 3-in-1 account.

Products offered by Zerodha and its Benefits

  • User friendly platform, normal person can easily understand how to buy and sell shares using kite platform.
  • User friendly App and Web
  • All Equity investments are Zero brokerage
  • All Mutual fund investments are Zero commission
  • You can invest directly from fund house,without any involvement of broker and no need to pay any commission by Coin Zerodha
  • F&O, Intraday, Commodities are Rs 20 or 0.03% , which ever is lower per executed order.
  • Zerodha Varsity is the place where we can learn stock market from basics.
  • You can subscribe to IPO directly with kite platform.
  • The modus operandi of the account – a single account inclusive of trading, DEMAT, and bank account for seamless and hassle-free online banking and investing experience. It has now become the trading and self-clearing member to give clients the benefit of no clearing charges.
  • Moreover, Zerodha provides cover order and bracket order (CO/BO) with trailing stop loss feature for equity and F&O.
  • Zerodha Reward programs like a 60-day challenge, refer a friend, and Get an Affiliate link gives you an opportunity to get some rewards.
  • Kite 3.0 is their in-house, state-of-art web-based trading platform also available in the mobile app.
  • PI along with TRADEVIEW chart is the advanced feature-rich software-based trading platform of Zerodha.

There are many advantages with zerodha, be the client of zerodha.

In this lock down , best way to generate returns by investing in stocks and mutual funds,,,, almost top companies are trading 52 week low…

This is the great opportunity for the people who are looking forward to invest in stocks and mutual funds .

Whatever you invest it may be stocks or mutual funds , hold them for long term minimum of 5 years.

Click here to open account instantly Signup and open a Zerodha trading and demat account online and start investing

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